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Christmas Slot Machines

If you are interested in spending your Christmas days off work taking part in some fun and exciting online gambling, then you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of Christmas slot machines for you to try out during this festive season. Of course, it all depends on what kind of casino you already play at, since different casinos will have different software and therefore different games, but there are a few that you can look out for that have classic Christmas themes which will be perfect to play this week.

The first of the slot machine games that you can look out for is Santa Surprise, which uses a classic and traditional look at Santa and has been very popular since it was first released a few years back. You will see quite a lot of Playtech casinos pushing this as their featured slot game right now, as it really does give a fantastic representation of Christmas and will therefore be something that a lot of players really enjoy! It comes with a wild symbol as well as a bonus round, in which you have to choose from several presents under the tree in order to find out what your bonus prize is. A tongue in cheek game that you could go for is Santa’s Wild Ride, and this is one that sees him trading in his sleigh for a motorbike – which just happens to have a glowing red light in front of it, much like a protagonist that we will all recognise! Santa Paws takes it back to the cuter side of things by featuring a range of snowy animals in a winter landscape, all wearing red fluffy Santa hats or carrying presents around, with the polar bear being the main man of the story and the one who is most likely to be dressing up as Father Christmas himself.

Another funny slot you could go for is Santa Strikes Back or its predecessor Rudolph’s Revenge, in which Santa and Rudolph generally beat each other up and destroy a few poor elves in the process.

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