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  • Wynn Voices Concerns

    Sheldon Adelson has already spoken out in support of the Republicans, and now Steve Wynn is joining him. In a remarkable moment of agreement from the two rival businessmen, he talks of his fear over Obama’s attitude towards business and his disappointment in the results that stemmed from the 2008 Presidential election.

  • Casino Lobbyist Probation

    A judge in the gambling corruption scandal taking place over in Alabama has granted a casino lobbyist probation for her part in the case, as she hands over two other major players in order to save herself after pleading guilty. Although it had been recommended that she face jail time, […]

  • Casino Robbery Foiled

    Security staff at the Atlantis Casino resort in the Bahamas are today proudly announcing the casino robbery foiled by quick thinking reactions from those involved, despite the fact that the would be criminals sprayed the area with pepper spray and at least sixteen employees had to be taken to hospital […]

  • Alabama Prison Delays

    A casino boss who has been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison has had his sentence pushed back today, as it became apparent that a necessary surgical operation will prevent the man from entering jail at the proposed date. Ronnie Gilley was once overseeing slot machines, roulette […]

  • Microgaming October New Slots Machines

    Microgaming is always keeping players on their toes with new slot machine game releases every month. Their new games never let you down with cool themes and this month is no different. Microgaming is giving you 4 new slots machines: Dolphin Coast slot, Tiger’s Eye slot, Steinfest slot and Monsters […]

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