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  • Lottotron Online Patent Case

    After taking on Lottotron in court and winning in a patent case, lawyer Bill Gantz looks set to have created a strong precedent which will take down the other forty suits the company currently has up and running against online casino operators like ISI.

  • Slot Machine Tax

    Industry leaders are arguing that the new tax on slot machine games which are found in bingo halls is far too high, with a grim report that as many as one hundred and seventy of them could now face closure without the ability to pay.

  • Indiana Casino Changes

    The future of slot machine games in Indiana is under review, as the state Senate vote to pass a bill which would see the riverboats allowed to move onto land, amongst other key changes. It now falls to the House to decide whether it goes ahead.

  • German Casino Licenses

    While one state has just issued twelve new online casino licenses, German players might not be able to enjoy slot machine games over the internet for very long, as the government looks set to vote on rejoining the national gaming treaty soon.

  • Casino Cash Scheme

    A man who figured out a way to confuse the banks and casinos into giving him more money than he was due, who then deliberately exploited this scheme with the help of thirteen other recruits, has been indicted on charges of bank fraud.

  • Church Becomes Casino

    Exchanging a Church for a new kind of religion – MGM plans to build a casino parking lot on old Catholic Church grounds, a move that could see prayers offered towards slot machine games rather than the more usual subjects that the land will have been the site of before now.

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