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Casino’s Underwater Santa

Kids visiting the Silverton Casino in Las Vegas each weekend during the festive season will be delighted to head over to the aquarium and see the casino’s underwater Santa, who is on display for ninety minutes in the annual holiday exhibit with the help of a trusty elf and a lot of patient sea creatures. They can shout out their Christmas present requests to him through the glass, as well as waving to him and having him wave back, which really makes it all that much more magical for the little ones.

Aquatic Safety Manager Jerry Crowley is the man inside the red suit, and he really does go full Santa with beard and all under a harness that holds his oxygen tank in place and a pair of goggles which allow him to see the children waving at him on the other side of the glass. The beard is tied down to make sure that it cannot go into his eyes, and although the tank contains more than four thousand marine creatures (including sharks, stingrays, and many colourful fish), with an expert in place it is as safe as it can possible be. Along with him was his helper, Heather Carrasco in a red and white Mrs Santa or elf outfit of a red dress trimmed with white fluff, who sits calmly on some oversized ornaments or stands behind Santa while he performs. She normally works full time at the casino as a mermaid during the non winter months, but Carrasco is of course best known for the gold medal in swimming that she won at the 1996 Olympics. Both she and Crowley are perfectly at home in the one hundred and seventeen gallons of water that fill the tank!

The attraction has brought in many young visitors to see Father Christmas in a completely unique way, but even adults who come in to play their slot machine games are not immune to the draw of seeing Santa himself. After all, how many people in the world can say that they have seen him scuba diving?

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