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Casinos Embracing 3D Design

These days we can often hear about 3-D slot machine games in online casinos, though when you look at the most popular examples such as the Gold Rush slot you will see that the style of 3-D which is being referred to is in fact a 3-D effect, rather than the 3-D images that we now see in cinemas and other forms of entertainment. Stereoscopic 3-D is something which is really starting to catch on across many forms of entertainment, and now we can expect that casinos will be the latest place to catch the 3-D bug, with slot machine manufacturer International Game Technology having introduced their own glasses free 3-D land-based games recently.

The REELDepth Technology machines give the players a sense of depth by using a multilayer display MLD setup which utilises two separate LCD panels to create a pseudo 3-D effect, by displaying a moving different game elements over the two separate screens. These machines are already moving on to land-based casino floors, and they really add something new to what is on offer for the average player. “It presents to the player what is arguably the best slot game experience to date,” said Robert Allen, Corporate Vice President of Slot Operations for Grand Casinos. “REELdepth embodies much of what is best about IGT — forward-looking technology and engineering, design and application of game content with artistic flair, and the full gamut of great slot games.” 3-D technology also opens up a wealth of new gameplay options for casino operators and slot machine game manufacturers, both in land-based casinos and online once we start to see computer screens and mobile devices catching up to the 3-D capabilities which we are beginning to expect in other areas of our entertainment, such as through our cinemas.

“Initially, the 3D appearance draws players’ interest, but once they figure out they can switch from playing a 3-reel spinning-reel theme to a 4- or 5-reel game right at their seat, they’re hooked,” says San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino Floor Manager, Todd DiMillo. It is not so far-fetched an idea to believe that online casinos might soon see a 3-D revolution as well, since YouTube already offers 3-D videos and PC game players can now experience games in full 3-D with the Nvidia 3-D Vision Tech. The online casino industry is always part of an ongoing struggle to be the best and also the first, and so we can be sure to expect 3-D technology to be the next big thing in the gaming industry – and whoever manages to successfully integrate technology into their online offerings before anyone else potentially stands to gain a huge boost in both reputation and revenue. Marrying the technology which allows us to create 3-D games and then also view them on our PCs is something which will take slot machine gaming to the very next level, creating something which is unique in the industry at the moment and which will surely pique the interest of many players.

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