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Casino Robbery Foiled

Security staff at the Atlantis Casino resort in the Bahamas are today proudly announcing the casino robbery foiled by quick thinking reactions from those involved, despite the fact that the would be criminals sprayed the area with pepper spray and at least sixteen employees had to be taken to hospital in order to make sure that there were no ill effects as a result of this.

According to officials representing Kerzner International Bahamas, which runs the resort complex, no patrons at the casino were aware of the attack because it took place in an employee-only area, behind the facade of the cashier cages where you can collect your winnings and convert your chips back into cash. The suspects, all three of them native to the Bahamas, sprayed the area with pepper spray in an attempt to incapacitate the staff and then attempted to get away with the cash that was stored safely within the cage area. However, resort security were easily able to apprehend them, handing them over into the custody of the Royal Bahamas Police Force soon afterwards.

Executive George Markantonis had nothing but praise for those involved in the incident. He said that “security teams did an outstanding job in apprehending the perpetrators”, and the only fallout for those in the area seems to be that access to Paradise Island via the bridge was temporarily disrupted. All sixteen of those take to hospital were expected to recover very well, and this is a great example of a team working together in one of the most important employment areas in the Bahamas. With over seven thousand workers at Atlantis and covering around three quarters of the island on which it is situated, it clearly turns over enough to make it a massive target, but it will take more than three novices with a can of pepper spray to pull off something this ambitious.

They did not exactly hit the slot machine jackpot here, and this is just one of the many examples out there of crackpot schemes that robbers come up with when intending to target casinos. Security is a high priority in the industry and so these attempts rarely work, especially on a large scale – how often do we see reports of failed attempts, and how rarely do we hear of something being pulled off without the culprits being discovered?

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