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Casino Robbers Caught

At last a bit of good news, as some casino robbers caught after attacking players at gunpoint to take their winnings have been brought in and charged with three counts of robbery whilst using a dangerous weapon. Both have been refused bail, no doubt as a consequence of their violent actions and the reprehensible manner in which they have targeted the vulnerable.

People who won big on the slot machine games at The Star casino in Sydney must have been absolutely overjoyed. However, that joy would soon have turned to fear as they left the premises and were confronted by a pair with guns, telling them to hand over their winnings. It is, sadly, not an unusual occurrence at land based casinos these days, something that is no doubt persuading more and more people to play online instead. In this case, three men were leaving the Star at about 3.30 in the morning on October 6, when a duo approached them and forced them into a car. There, they had their mobile phones and cash stolen, before being released to contact the police in shock.

The pair of bandits are both men aged twenty two, have now been apprehended by the hard working police who tracked them down and prevented them from carrying out more, similar crimes. They will be appearing at Sydney’s Central Local Court without bail in the meantime: one of them on Thursday the 11th (today), and one of them will be delayed until December 13th. We certainly hope the time in jail awaiting the sentence, and the jail time that will almost certainly follow when the court hears of their actions, will give them time to think about the terror that they must have inspired in their innocent victims. Recent reports from both the United States and Australia reveal a spate of similar incidents that only seems to be on the upswing: pregnant women forced to hand over their belongings outside of casinos, or elderly couples mugged at gunpoint just a few feet away from the entrance to their hotel.

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