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Casino Ritual Theft

A South African woman faces court this week in an unusual case of casino ritual theft, in which she relieved casino patrons of their belongings in order to give them a so called lucky ritual which would help them to win at the tables. She has now been charged with fraud for stealing cash and jewellery from them, and appeared in the Durban Commercial Crimes Court earlier today according to reports from the KawZulu-Natal police force.

The woman’s tactic was to go up to the gamblers inside the casino and tell them that she would be able to introduce them to a psychic, who would improve their chances of winning money on the slot machine games. “The woman would approach her potential victims at a local casino and con them into believing that she can turn their luck around by performing bizarre rituals,” explained Colonel Jay Naicker. The matter has now been postponed back to the 12th so that she can apply for Legal Aid, and the woman herself cannot be named until an identity parade has been conducted to be sure that they have the right person.

Police think that she could have been using the same methods to defraud players for more than a year, but the true extent of her trickery is unknown. “We believe that there are more victims out there that might have been too embarrassed to come forward previously,” Naicker said, hoping that this case will bring more witnesses and victims out of the woodwork to testify against her. It is already known that one person was robbed of both cash and jewellery up to the amount of more than one million rand, making this a very serious case indeed. The hope now is that she will be convicted for the fraud and then given a harsh sentence, in order to discourage others from also taking part in similar fraudulent schemes if they can see that there is a harsh comeuppance for trying to trick people in ways such as these – especially where gambling, already a potential problem area, is concerned.

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