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Casino Riot Charges

Rapper Jim Jones has admitted that he is guilty of casino riot charges based on an event that took place in Connecticut at at twentieth anniversary party for the gambling venue. The brawl happened in February, after a party that was hosted by famous rap superstar Sean Combs, and Jones has now confessed that he interfered with police during the events of the evening.

Rather than just playing on slot machine games, having a drink, and mingling with some of the biggest names in the industry, the thirty six year old (who is also known as Capo, and was identified in court as Joseph G. Jones) was charged with breaching the peace, inciting a riot, and interfering with police during the fight in the foyer of the MGM Grand at Foxwoods. Two other participants – Serron Riley of New York and David Dixon of Ledyard – are still awaiting trial, but it is clear that Jones was offered a deal for admitting to his crimes.

He has been ordered to pay a $1000 fine – which probably feels like pocket money to the man whose 2007 song, “We Fly High”, was one of the biggest selling tracks of the year, and who regularly attends A list parties – and has therefore managed to avoid prosecution. Also arrested and tacking a similar deal in court was Seneca M. Lockwood of New York who made a guilty plea to charges of breaching the peace, and who was ordered to pay a $500 fine for his part in the events of the night. It sounds like a great deal for someone who could just as easily have seen jail time, had charges been pressed against him for getting involved with the brawl itself!

Forgive us if we seem to be stuck on the same old subject, but really, this is just another example of the kind of rowdy behaviour that land based casinos seem to attract. They are giving online casinos a bad name, since you will never see a riot in the foyer of one of these much more respectable internet establishments!

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