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Casino Motocross Ride

Players at a casino in Nevada where amazed last week to witness a casino motocross ride, as a bike powered across the tables and scattered chips and cards without discrimination – all in the name of promotion. The Eureka Casino and Hotel in Mesquite played host to the event, which stunned onlookers and which can now be enjoyed in video form for anyone who is interested in watching it.

People at the casino were just enjoying their normal slot machine games, poker, and roulette when motocross rider Gavin Godfrey showed up – in full leathers and with his bike under him, clearly equipped for something more than a quick flutter at the tables. It seems as though no one in the place was expecting it, as the video sees players, bellhops, waiters, and general passers by narrowly avoiding the bike as it charged up elevators, down stairwells, over heads and across tables, causing a real stir wherever it went.

You can find the video online very easily now, and it is certainly worth a watch as it is not something that you see every day. The whole clip was put together in order to promote the upcoming Mesquite Off-Road Weekend event which has been put together by Nitro Circus, so if you are in the area and you want to see more of this kind of thing going down then you know where to head. This is a great fun piece of advertising which has had a lot of thought put into it – it has to be said, it was a fairly genius idea, since where are you more likely to find thrill seekers and the type of people who might like motocross than a casino? The most humorous part of the video has to be the intro, in which we see Godfrey laying in bed and taking a bath with his helmet on, and then getting on a bike parked at the door to his room to launch right out into the corridors of the hotel , even pressing the elevator call button with his front wheel before sharing the space with a bemused looking couple.

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