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Casino Going Snowboarder

At a resort in California a casino going snowboarder caused quite a stir this week, when he was reported as missing and a huge search operation was launched to find him – at which point it turned out that he was not missing at all. A twenty four year old man, whose identity has not been revealed, was on the slopes with his brother at the Heavenly ski resort when the two of them became separated, causing the brother to panic and call for help.

When the rescue patrol came in, they found that the man’s car was still in the parking lot where he had left it, but there was no sign of the man himself anywhere in the resort. Due to the brother’s concerns and what seemed like a genuine case of a missing person – taken particularly seriously because of the cold conditions in which he was last seen – a search was launched in the middle of the night as people took to the local area to try and find the man or any evidence of where he might have gone. Helicopters were called in to perform a sweep using torches and beams of light to survey the area from above and try and spot him, too, as the rescue patrol pulled out all of the stops to find him.

However, the next morning he came to light – and it turned out that he had not been in any danger during the night at all. He had instead been playing on slot machine games at the Horizon Hotel Casino, which is right over the state border in Nevada and close enough for him to have gone there with someone that he met at Heavenly or even on his own, so in fact he had been out having a great time while everyone was looking for him. To add insult to injury, the estimated cost of this completely unnecessary search operation was as high as $40,000 – and unless he went in with some serious bankroll power, he would is not likely to have won that in the course of the night.

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