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Casino Death Charges

In the case concerning a Brinks guard’s casino death charges have been made against five people who were involved in his shooting during their armed robbery. Taking place at the Calder Casino and Race Course in Miami Gardens on August 21st 2011, this violent crime will see many of the perpetrators facing long prison stretches, with four of them having pleaded guilty and the last found guilty on Monday.

Those who took the guilty plea were Vladimir Louissant, 26, Reginald Mitchell, 28, and Victoria Barkley, 27, all of Miami Gardens, along with Byron Kyler, 24, of Miami. When they go to sentencing, it is expected that Louissant and Mitchell may face the maximum sentence of life imprisonment, while Barkley and Kyler will be looking at up to twenty years in jail. The fifth person involved is Uri Anmar, 27, of Hollywood, who also faces the potential sentence of life in prison. For a group of people all under the age of thirty, these sentences will take away the prime years of their lives – something that they might have done well to consider before taking this gamble.

The story goes that Anmar and Mitchell were working as security guards at the Calder Casino, and conspired along with the others to rob the Brinks guard when he made his scheduled cash pick up. Kyler reported his truck as stolen and then Mitchell used it to drive Louissant over to Calder. Anmar was escorting the Brinks guard when Louissant rushed towards him with his gun drawn, and they exchanged fire which injured Louissant and killed the guard. Louissant took the money, leapt in the truck, and sped away to a waiting getaway car with Mitchell, Kyler, and Barkley.

Their plan was good so far: they had $345,000. However, it came unstuck when they dropped Louissant off at the Memorial Regional Hospital: while Mitchell and Barkley gambled at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino, spending their ill begotten cash on slot machine games, he was questioned and eventually admitted to the police what had happened, leading to the arrest of the others.

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