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Bonus Bears Slot Statistics

As one of the popular Playtech suite of games, which exists at a huge range of online casinos around the world, the Bonus Bears game is a modern classic which has been played a huge number of times and which is often described as one of the best examples of Playtech software. It has a great theme and was created with a real sense of humour, so there is something to enjoy the everyone in the slot – not least of which is the huge wins which you can expect to find if the reels line up in the right way for you.

This is certainly something that the player named Mohammad Y from the UK discovered on 17 December 2009, when he was playing at William Hill casino. The win he managed to line up on that day was the biggest which has ever been paid out in the game, with a grand total of £751,500. This cartoon like game, which is themed around the idea of animals living in a park, has racked up some huge wins over the years, with the second placed pay out going to Stefano D on 23 January 2009 while he was playing at Europa Casino. He took €389,240 for his victory, and Beat W from the Czech Republic managed to take three huge wins at the same casino in September, October, and November 2009. This amazing spree of wins racked up €362,517, then €343,990, and finally €317,018, giving him a grand total of well over €1 million. He is not the only person to find that lightning struck twice on this lucky game, as our all-time winner Mohammad also managed to get another win in April 2010 at EuroGrand Casino with a victory of another £249,250. Going all the way down to tenth place in the winners chart, we find a player named Sergei from Russia, who was playing at Europa Casino when he managed to take home $288,090 on 12 February 2013. Not only does this mean that the big wins come frequently on this slot machine game, but it also means that they are still going, you can certainly expect to find a lot of great results if you choose to play it.

There are a huge range of different online casinos which will allow you the chance to play this game, as we have already mentioned, but some of them seem to have a better win rate than others. Casino Tropez appears to be the best site to play out, with an amazing sixty-eight jackpot payouts adding up to a total win value of $3,975,733. That means that the average payout on the site is $58,466, which really makes a great result for anyone who is looking to win big. EuroGrand is however the casino which has managed to create the largest number of payouts, with 128 in total going to their players, whereas the casino with the highest average payout is Europa Casino with $171,963.

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