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Big Winner at MGM Grand

We always love to hear about a big win, and though these days the results are more often to be heard online with the massive progressive jackpot slot games that you can find there, this latest huge slot machine jackpot was actually at a land-based casino. One lucky player managed to win nearly $12.5 million whilst playing a slot machine game at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, which must have absolutely made their day – particularly if they were tourists stopping by just try out the games, which many of the players at this venue tend to be.

The jackpot was one on the Megabucks slot machine game, which is part of the progressive slot jackpot system in Nevada and is therefore a very popular choice for most players, developed by International Gaming Technology. A spokesperson for IGT announced the win as soon as it happened, as the player managed to claim $12.46 million as part of their win. This is a huge hit, and the kind that we do not see very regularly – as many slot machines which are part of aggressive networks tend to pay out regularly enough to ensure that the jackpot sizes a little smaller. However, reaching more than 1 million is a very common occurrence, as IGT announced that this was the twenty fourth time in 2013 that one of its machines paid out more than $1 million in total. This is an impressive statistic for the company, and considering that it was more than $1 million by quite some significant distance on this particular payout, we can estimate their total payout to be significantly in excess of $34 million this year. It is unclear how the land-based progressive network systems will be affected by the inclusion of online gambling in Nevada, as it may well be the case that players stop going for the land-based progressive games in favor of playing those that can be found online. We will have to wait for time to pass before we can really assess the effects of the online gambling industry on the land-based casinos, as there will of course be a novelty effect created which perhaps attracts more players at the beginning of the launch of online gambling and which then dies out over time.

Still, this is a fantastic news story which reminds is again of how possibilities to be a really big winner when it comes to slot machine games, particularly if you are playing those which are set up in such a way as to give you the opportunity to really go for a jackpot that is beyond your wildest dreams. The player who went into that Las Vegas casino to play a few slot games is now a multimillionaire, and there are sure to be plenty of jealous faces reading the story since the event and wishing it had been them who was able to get this prize. The jackpot has reset, and will now continue to rise once more.

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