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Big Land Jackpot Slots Win

Springfield resident Kathleen Howard was recently the lucky player who managed to win a $40,000 slot machine jackpot while playing at the Hollywood Casino in Columbus, Ohio. The woman had decided to go for land based slots rather than trying out online games such as the classic Bank on It, and in this case the decision really paid off. She hit the big win while sitting at the Double Gold slot machine game, and was not the only player to win big at that particular casino this year, as a range of different games are available there for anyone who wishes to play them.

More than 1900 slot machine players managed to leave that casino as jackpot winners throughout the month of October 2013, and between them they racked up a total payout of approximately $4.6 million. This is a huge figure, and really shows that the relatively new casino is attracting some big results already – although it is worth noting that the total jackpot amount also includes taxable winnings. Taxes on jackpots begin at $1200, so Mrs Howard would have seen some tax on her win in particular. Since opening more than a year ago the Hollywood Columbus has managed to pay out more than $59 million in winnings already, which is a fantastic result for anyone who wishes to play there and is something that we can really judge as a sign of great success for both the casino operators and the players who have been attending the games on a regular basis. Howard’s payout of $40,000 was the largest slot machine jackpot paid to one individual throughout the month of October, which is a fantastic result for her. Many of the slot machine games which are in place in the Hollywood Columbus casino are cheap to play, with minimum bets which are very low and maximum bets amounts which will not break the bank either.

Industry organisations and companies have been very keen to see how the new Hollywood venues in Ohio will do, as they were the first casino is to open in the state and therefore went into a very much and tested market at that stage. It seems however that the players in Ohio have really taken to the idea of slot machine games in a land-based environment, though this does not mean that they necessarily prefer the land-based casino to online games as we do not have statistics which would tell us more on that subject. One of the things we can be sure of is that news of big jackpots such as this one are sure to get even more players visiting the venue, as the idea of freely being able to win big in that kind of way is something that will always get players moving towards a certain casino or even a certain game. The Double Gold machines are sure to see a spike in popularity now as other players try to grab that big jackpot for themselves.

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