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Big Fish Casino

The Big Fish Games operators are today celebrating the success of their Big Fish Casino, which has officially become the highest grossing app in the casino game genre for the Apple iOS platform. This title is earned worldwide and it puts them right at the top of the mobile gaming industry, with their casino revenue having tripled over the last year.

The Seattle based company has also launched a real money version of its casino and slot machine games in the UK, with a partnership with Betable to make it all work under the regulatory compliance and do all of the necessary security checks to make sure that players really are in the UK. Although we do not have an idea yet of the financial performance of the real money version of the app, Big Fish Games did say that the app overall has a loyal and engaged player base, with more than ten million friendships established in their social network – and with most players having been active for more than three years.

They recently introduced their Big Fish Bingo games, which are on the same casino mobile-social game platform in order to tie in with their other games and work alongside them very well. Next month we will also see a multiplayer roulette game added to the UK version of the app, with real cash play included. Carey DiJulio, who is the vice president and general manager of Big Fish Casino Products, stated that their aim was to create the closest thing that they could to the buzz and excitement or playing casino games in land based casinos.

For a company that was only founded in 2002, Big Fish Games have done very well for themselves: they have become the largest producer of casual games in the world, with more than six hundred external game developers and a catalogue which includes three thousand PC games alongside two hundred and fifty mobile games. They have managed to distribute more than two billion games so far.

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