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Big Fish are Rollin’ Rich

If you want to get in on the latest chance to play in a social setting across a range of devices with a fantastic level of graphics, then put down the old Shopping Spree games that you are used to and take a look at the latest release by Big Fish Games. They launched their first mobile multiplayer roulette game earlier this year, and now they have followed that success with the addition of a fantastic slot game, Rollin’ Rich, which is available to play on Facebook, iOS, and Android devices, as well as through your browser on its own site.

This game is inspired by the idea of a road trip across the US, and so the slot machine will take you through a range of destinations by awarding you with free prizes each time that you advance to another place and giving you the chance to upgrade your game by collecting symbols on each spin. The game allows for cross platform playing so that you do not have to just pick one and stick with it; you can play through Facebook and then switch to playing through your phone or tablet as soon as you are on the move yourself if you would like to, and the fact that there are real time social gaming capabilities associated with the slot also means that you can connect and play with friends if you know anyone else who plays. You can find a lot of places to play this game, as it is available on Facebook, through Big Fish Games’ website, in the iOS App Store, in Google Play, and in the Amazon App Store as well – so there is no excuse for not being able to find it if you want to give it a go!

There are plenty of great features to be found within the game too, as you can soon discover for yourself. There are free spins which are given out when you get the right symbols matching up to their counterparts, gold bars to be won, and reward centre tickets which you can pick up along the way and spend later on. You can also find the chance to collect the Big Fish special scatter payouts, which are gained when all of your individual wins add up to create a big group payout which will give you some very nice rewards indeed. Once you have triggered your scatter payout, you can advance to the next pit stop on the map, which can be explore as far as you like – there is no end level to this slot machine game, so if you enjoy it then you can just keep on going whenever you would like to play. All of this adds up to create an experience which is exciting and entertaining from start to finish, and that is the kind of high quality slot machine game that we have already started to expect from Big Fish Games.

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