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In an interesting twist on sports betting, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City has come up with a new kiosk for customers to play at. They get to try out sports betting for slots on these kiosks, with prizes such as free slot machine game play or thousands of dollars available if you can pick the right winners in upcoming NFL matches. The unusual part is that there is no need to lay down a bet for these games: you simply go up to the touch screen, make your picks, and print out a ticket to prove the choices that you have made, and that is all that you need to claim your winnings as well.

One regular at the casino, who had already managed to win $1,200 this season, described it as a “win-win” situation, and it is hard to argue with him. In order to see exactly how this works, and how it manages to bypass federal laws on online gambling or sports betting, we refer to the words of Joe Lupo, the senior vice president of operations at the Borgata: “It’s a free promotion, with a chance to win based on picking the most winners or a random drawing. It’s not viewed as sports betting. It’s a form of entertainment.”

You can often find other promotional activities at the Atlantic City casino venues during NFL games, too. There are usually food and drink specials on so that you can get your refreshments while you watch, as well as football sweepstakes which will allow you to win hugely if all goes well. You can play for free once you are a member of the casino by using your loyalty cards to make your claim, and it looks like this form of kiosk is going to grow in popularity as many customers love the chance to combine sports with their casino gambling. Casinos in other states have come up with inventive ways to involve sports too, and it looks like it might be time for sports betting laws to expand further.

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