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Bet365 Mobile Slots Tournament

Players who love the spirit of competition may wish to consider entering the new Bet365 mobile slots tournament, which will give them the chance to win as much as £100 if they are the first placed winner. There is a £500 prize pool up for grabs, so there is plenty to go round and those who are placed lower down in the rankings may still get a smaller payout for their trouble!

You can enter from just about any mobile device as the Bet365 mobile software is available on iPhones, iPads, Android phones, and tablets, so make sure that you take a look in your app store and consider downloading it if you do not have it already. The prizes will be divided up amongst the top fifteen placed winners, and you can increase your winnings by playing the games and earning more points as you do. Every time that you manage to bet £10 on the slot machine games you will receive three comp points, and the more points you have the higher up the rankings you will travel. This will give you a better chance of walking away with one of the top prizes!

The best news is that this promotion includes some of the most popular mobile slot machine titles in the world as Bet365 have a very good selection on offer, including Gold Rally and Desert Treasure, which have been online classics ever since their original launch. It is very easy to get started as all you have to do is sign up and get playing, and you will automatically be entered into the promotion as it is a site wide offer. Who knows – perhaps if you just play as you normally would without any thought towards the tournament, you could end up placing highly in it anyway just because you are used to playing the slots a lot! If you manage to get a big win with the slots while playing we recommend that you put the cash back into the machines, to get your name at the top of that leader board.

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