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Best 2012 Slots

Results from researchers have given us concrete details of what the best 2012 slots were in terms of the revenue brought in from land based casinos across the world, after analysing figures from international venues to see which performed the best in each location. The research was done by Todd Eilers and Frank Fantini, and they carry out this research on a quarterly basis in order to review which games are the most popular at any given time.

It seems that in many ways, the slot machine games that are the best known are the ones that end up being the best loved. Wheel of Fortune, one of the biggest slot games out there and the one that is often used by casinos as a major advertising point, ended the year at the top of the list, beating all other competitors with a huge boost over the other highest and earning played slots. In the second place position it was actually a tie, with both Megabucks and Michael Jackson doing equally as well as each other. It is clear that there are certain areas of influence in which slot games must be strong in order to do well: with two featuring massive progressive jackpots linked across the world which can reach huge figures and the other being based on one of the most popular pop singers and performers of all time, having that crowd pleasing element really helps.

IGT is the creator of both Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune, so these figures really help to cement their position as the best slot game designers and developers in the world. Those casinos which took part in the research said that they bought most of their games from the Reno based company, with thirty four per cent of all machine sales going their way. Bally Technologies, who are responsible for the Michael Jackson game, came in second for sixteen per cent of all sales. Interestingly enough, WMS was third in sales with nine per cent but actually led the way in terms of leased games. The survey covered two hundred and forty five casinos internationally.

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