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Atlantic City Reopens

The Golden Nugget was the first of the casinos to get back into action after the forced closure brought about by Hurricane Sandy as Atlantic City reopens and players head back to their favourite gambling dens to celebrate having survived the storm. Much has been said about the adequacy of the storm defences and whether or not they really helped where they should have, but casinos are now keen to put that behind them as ten of the casinos were open again the day after Governor Chris Christie announced that it was safe for them to do so. It took just ninety minutes for the Golden Nugget to get open again, and business is now being described as “surprisingly strong”.

Despite the fact that most of the city was without power as the order to close was revoked, the casinos managed to open through Friday and Saturday to welcome customers back with open arms. They needed to act quickly to recoup some of the losses that they have suffered during the five days of forced closure, the second time that this has happened in as many years, and reportedly lines were forming at the buffet and slot machine games areas of the Golden Nugget before they had even opened those parts of the casino up again. General manager Tom Pohlman talked of his surprise at just how strong business was even so soon after the order to reopen was given.

It is estimated that the twelve casinos in Atlantic City would have been losing around $5 million per day in terms of their collected revenue from gamblers, a huge blow that comes as unwelcome news for those venues which were already struggling to keep their heads above water financially, with recent revenues falling swiftly as gamblers turn to the internet or other areas such as racinos to get their thrills. The last to open up was the Atlantic Club, but reportedly all twelve struggled to get their employees back into the city after the closure that evacuated most of the residents last week before Hurricane Sandy hit.

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