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Asian Market Target of Social Casino

High 5 Games has declared their intentions to make a push into the Asian casino market, with the launch of a social casino which is designed to attract Asian players. Rather than going for Western games such as Shopping Spree which have proven popular in the past, they are intending to offer a range of slots which have been popular in the Asian land-based market so far, presenting them in a social and digital format in order to offer something new and yet recognisable for the customers that they are seeking in that area.

They will be launching a social casino app called Shake the Sky, which has been described as “the company’s first comprehensive product for the social and mobile Asian markets” by CEO Anthony Singer. This is the second full casino app to be launched by the brand following High 5 Casino last year, and it will offer more than thirty localised titles to try and tap into the growing enthusiasm for slot machine games which is present in the Asian market. Some of the already existing land-based slots which are set to be copied include West Journey Treasure Hunt, Golden Three Kingdom, and Four Great Chinese Beauties, along with new content which is supposed to be created especially for the brand and which we are sure to find out more about soon. Local brands are set to be incorporated into the new content, including soap operas and Wuxia films, so that the games will combine Asian friendly themes with the slot features which High 5 are known for. The slot machine app will go live on Facebook this month, with the style and gameplay offering based around the same features which were used to create the successful High 5 Casino app, which surpassed 1 million monthly active users in January after soft launching in September 2012.

So far, the uptake in mobile and social gaming in Asia has failed to cross over to the social casino sector, as players have seemed more receptive to card battle games or more general gaming titles, rather than going for the downloadable casino apps or those which can be played on Facebook. Even content which has been developed specifically for the Asian market, such as apps based on pachinko machines, have failed to really gain traction in the market, so it will be interesting to see whether or not High 5 are onto something with this creation of content. It is certain that nothing quite like this exists in the Asian market just yet, so it is not easy to predict what will happen, though it is clear that High 5 representatives are confident that they will be able to tap into the market where others have failed. Even if they do not manage it, the success of their other casino app may be enough to keep them going as they develop other avenues and come up with other solutions for success in different markets.

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