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Amazing Reel Slots

A new release from OnDemandWorld comes this month in the form of their Amazing Reel slots game, which promises to be very entertaining indeed as well as offering free game play based on a five reel format. This is a great choice for those who want to be able to play just for fun on their iPhone or iPad, and is available at the app store now.

“We at OnDemandWorld recognises the people’s need for free entertainment during these difficult times and so we’ve worked really hard to put this amazing new game app together and make it available to iPhone or iPad users for free”, said Terence Lau, Vice President for OnDemandWorld. The great thing about this app is the fact that it is suitable for those who have never played slot machine games before, as it has a clear and detailed user guide included to tell you all about what the game is and how you can win. You can also view a pay table in order to see what each symbol will win you when you match it up, what the special symbols are, and other details such as what the buttons in the gaming interface do.

The app requires iOS 5.0 or later in order to run, and has been made compatible with iPad. It comes at a size of 36.2 MB, so make sure that you have enough room left in your system to be able to download and install it from the app store! It is available for free across the world, and can be found under the full title of “Amazing Reel Slots – Slot Machine in Your Pocket!”. The current release is 1.0 with plans to continue developing and releasing bug fixes for the app as needed in the future in order to ensure that it stays up to date with Apple software and remains fun and easy to use for all players who download it. OnDemandWorld is a web and mobile platform development company based in London, and they were formed in 2008 with the aim of creating apps that are both elegant and useful.

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