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All Slots Big Jackpot

An Australian player managed to really win big at the All Slots Casino recently, after playing at the International online casino to pick up a huge slot machine jackpot. The player from Melbourne, known as Carmela S, managed to pick up a very nice $45,550 after playing through the mobile version of the casino. She was enjoying popular slot game Treasure Nile, and managed to win all of that cash through the one game alone – following in the footsteps of player David M, from Perth, who managed to win $220,119 in October with Treasure Nile.

It seems that both Treasure Nile and All Slots Casino are both getting their reputation as being a fantastic place to play in order to get big wins, and everyone involved is delighted with this fact. Indeed, Vice President for Player Affairs, David Brickman, commented: “Mobile casino gaming is on the rise in Australia, and with that, so are the winners. I’m absolutely thrilled for Carmela and look forward to celebrating more big wins with her, and with all of our players Down Under.” The Treasure Nile game is becoming a firm favourite against those who play slots through their iPhone and Android devices, as it has a progressive jackpot which pays out big wins on a regular basis and can be accessed very easily. Having been developed by Microgaming, the slot has five reels and nine pay lines, with an ancient Egypt theme. It is available across all current platforms, and has a fantastic progressive jackpot which you can win on any spin so long as you put down the maximum bet each time. Not only does it have a big winning factor, but it is entertaining too, makes it a real top-quality choice for slot machine players around the world.

Of course, All Slots Casino has plenty of other games on offer as well, as the mobile casino is really starting to take off in Australia and is seeing huge new amounts of mobile players. The luck for them just seems to keep rolling in, as they are able to take advantage of the games on the move whenever they would like to do so. This is one of the huge advantages of playing through your mobile device, as all the features of the game just as they would be on your computer, including the bonus rounds and the big jackpots that you can win. With a progressive game like Treasure Nile going mobile, it means that so many more players have the chance to raise that jackpot level whenever they play, so it can grow much faster and pay out much more often as well. Those who love the Egyptian theme and really like playing slot machine games in that style really cannot go wrong with Treasure Nile, though if you are looking for a more fancy modern slot with all of the latest features then you may wish to look elsewhere at the offerings of All Slots Casino.

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