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Alabama Prison Delays

A casino boss who has been sentenced to six years and eight months in prison has had his sentence pushed back today, as it became apparent that a necessary surgical operation will prevent the man from entering jail at the proposed date. Ronnie Gilley was once overseeing slot machines, roulette wheels, and poker games, but soon he will find himself facing a different world entirely, after pleading guilty to bribing officials while he was running the casino.

Gilley was set to start his sentence on the 24th of September, in five days time, but US District Judge Myron Thompson has pushed back his entry date until the 9th of October due to the planned surgery, taking place on Wednesday. It is not clear what kind of operation he will be going in for, as court records concerning this were sealed at Gilley’s request, but there is certainly not much recovery time granted in this new date. The attorney representing Gilley is pushing for another extension to the delay in order to allow him to recover more, and the judge has agreed to look into this matter during the two week delay in order to decide whether or not to extend the delay further. Results on that will most likely be forthcoming a little closer to the date, as factors in the decision will most likely include how well the surgery goes and what the effects are on Gilley when he comes out of the operating theatre.

The bribes that Gilley offered were for legislators, asking them to support pro gambling legislation, as a result of the fact that there was a recent state crackdown on electronic bingo games. This would have affected the operations of his Dothan casino, something that he was obviously keen to prevent – it is just a shame he decided on illegal methods to do it.

It is not sure exactly what form the bribes took, but common bribes in this industry can often include such things as credits to be used in slot machine games or other video game machines, chips for use in table games and other bets, tickets to live entertainment events and other such things, and of course money itself. Officials have in the past also been offered material goods, such as cars or even jewellery, in order to get them to change their minds on a certain matter to which they are opposed.

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