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3 Reel Versus 5 Reel Slots

3 Reel vs 5 Reel slots Most of the online casinos categorize their slots machines games as 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots (or video slots). The division between the two types of slots machines is even more than the number of reels presented in a game.

When the traditional slots machine was established it consisted of 3 reels. A whole generation of players has spent their time playing these 3 reel slot games in casinos, malls and pubs. They claim those as the good old days and wish to treasure that memory. Thus the older people prefer playing 3 reel slots machines. The 5 reel slots machines are a creation of computer technology and online casinos. This is the choice of a much younger generation who are accustomed to wanting more out of everything.

The 2 extra reels to the 3 reel slots bring out a wider range of possible winning combination’s. This gives players more options with regard to the number of pay lines, winning patterns, greater payouts and a lot more symbols on the reels.

The 5 reel slots games offer a wider range of combination’s that are structured to suit different types of players. For instance, in 3 reel slots there is a specific combination of symbols that is structured to give you the win, but it’s hard to get it regularly. Alternatively, 5 reel slots are structured to give you smaller payouts but they are more frequent. Also a certain number of possible combination’s in a 5 reel slots game trigger bonus rounds and free slots spins. Thus 5 reel slots have become more and more popular at online casinos.

Whether it is the 3 reel or 5 reels, slots games have sprung out to be the most wagered games at online casinos. Today with the evolution of slots games, it is becoming a more exciting experience for players due to the amazing graphics and designs incorporated with music and wonderful themes.

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