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$1m Slots Win

A retired railway conductor who hails from Nebraska has managed to walk away from a South Dakota casino with a huge $1m slots win, when playing a slot that had a massive jackpot lined up for him. Gordon Thompson, known amongst his friends as Bud, lives in Alliance in Box Butte County, and was playing at the Prairie Wind Casino, a four hour drive away from his residence.

The main attraction of the small town Alliance is a model of Stonehenge which is made out of various vehicles, and the population is just eight thousand five hundred, so the four hour drive to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is most likely the closest chance that Thompson has of finding slot machine games to play. He has been going there for eighteen years, so it looks as though a win was definitely due – and this is certainly a big one which he has earned. The eighty year old had driven down to the casino with his wife Donna, to whom he has been married for sixty years, to enjoy a Valentine’s Day spent together enjoying their favourite pastime – and he managed to scoop the ideal Valentine’s present with the win, which totalled $1,037,375 exactly. He only had to spend $9 in quarters to get there, too, so this is certainly a big coup for the long time slots player.

“I didn’t even realize what had happened right away. All at once, it hits you in the fanny and you just don’t know what to think,” he said. He had been playing a three reel slot game made by Rocket Gaming Systems, which is called Freedom Rings and can be found in a range of casinos across the nation. He is expecting to get his money in the spring once the payment is put through from the casino, and his family are certainly looking forward to helping him spend it – as there are his wife, his three sons, twelve grandchildren, and seventeen great grandchildren ready to benefit. “A family meeting will decide the outcome of the funds,” he said. “We’ve been pretty well satisfied with what we’ve got.”

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